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Harry Styles reveals the secrets of his debut solo album

Harry Styles has finally gifted his debut album to the world and he dropped into the Radio 1 Breakfast Show to play Nick Grimshaw his favourite songs from the record.

He said he was "perky" and "annoying everyone" because he was so excited to have finally released the record.

But we may not be the first people to hear the album, after all he told us he's been whistling the songs while going round the supermarket doing his shopping. So if you've walked past Harry in a shop while you were buying some beans, you might have had an early listen without even knowing it.

Here's what Harry told us about his new album when he popped in.

Only Angel

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"Only Angel I wrote and recorded in my house in London. It's perky," Harry told Grimmy.

"Last night I listened to it one last time before it was out. I went for a walk, it hit midnight and it was raining.

"It was a very emotional experience."

Two Ghosts

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So Harry, is this song about Taylor Swift?

"I think it's pretty self explanatory," he said, a bit awkwardly.

"It's about sometimes things change and you do all the same things and sometimes it's just different, you know?"


"So here we go, it's the one about Taylor Swift," said Grimmy as he played the song.

Right Harry, tell us the truth now

Is Two Ghosts by Harry Styles about Taylor Swift?

Harry is surprisingly coy whilst discussing the meaning of his new song Two Ghosts.


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"Caroline was the last song I wrote for the album. It felt like it finished it off," said Harry.

"We'd had two weeks of being in a real funk where everything was terrible. Then I went out for a day and wrote this, it was really fun and it was the fun that was missing. It felt like it was finished after this one."

Sweet Creature

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It seems Grimmy has re-named this one Sea Creature - and wants to do the same to this track as he did to Lorde's Green Light, when he turned it into a song about Creme Eggs.

"My favourite part of putting an album out is you sending me notes singing the songs back to me," said Harry, unimpressed.


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This one was inspired after the writing sessions for the album were finished for the day. How meta.

"When I was in Jamaica we got into a routine where we'd write, have dinner and then watch countless romantic comedies, mindless movies, anything Nicholas Sparks has ever done," he told Grimmy.

"There was a lot of that, I always circle back to The Notebook."


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"This kind of started out as a joke but now it's one of my favourite songs," said Harry.

"It was one of the first ones I wrote on the album when I was getting out a lot of energy.

"I hadn't been in the studio for a very long time and then came out and I really like it now."

Harry Styles debut album is out now.

Listen to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Friday 19 May 2017 to hear Liam Payne premiere his debut solo single.