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Nine brilliant ideas for recycling waste

Turn fatbergs into fuel

Fatberg hunters: Turning fat from the sewer into fuel

How one company is turning sewer fat into biodiesel

Turning rubbish into jewellery and furniture

The most beautiful rubbish you will ever see

Vienna's unemployed are upcycling electrical waste into objects of desire

Use plastic bottles for bricks

BBC Minute: On 'EcoBricks'

A South African company is saving the environment by using plastic bottles as bricks

Make a bicycle helmet out of paper

The bicycle helmet...made of paper

Isis Shiffer talks us through her award-winning invention.

Recycle old plastic to make clothes

Can plastic clothes save the oceans?

How one company is turning plastic waste into cash for poor communities

Build a children's library from books found in the rubbish

The world's most rubbish book collection

Jose Alberto Gutierrez has rescued thirty thousand books from bins in Columbia.

Make a bike from a bamboo

The benefits of a bamboo bike

It's lighter than steel, absorbs more shocks, and could help the community

Build furniture from cow dung

How cow dung made its way into furniture design

A student's final year project led her to build fully recyclable furniture, using manure.

Make compost from your underwear

Should we throw underwear in the compost heap?

A Swedish clothes designer is developing radical ways to combat waste in fashion.