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Late Night Laugh: How to get a comedian to appear on your smart speaker

Smart-speaker users will be able to have a stand up legend or the best new talent from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe tell them a joke.

Updated every evening while the festival takes place throughout August, the new service will provide exclusive BBC content for users of smart speakers and voice-activated devices.

Most UK smart-speaker users can just say “Late Night Laugh" and get free episodes delivered directly to their devices so they can listen straight away.

Other smart-speaker users - and anyone who does not have a Voice device - can find it as a podcast called Late Night Laugh.

In each episode, a different comic will perform you their favourite gag or sketch of the moment. Try it. At worst you’ll look like you’re shouting at the furniture.

How to get the updates

Users can just ask their smart speaker for “Late Night Laugh" and depending on your system the show will play directly.

If you are having problems, try asking your smart speaker to 'play the Late Night Laugh BBC podcast'.

If you're still having problems, check your speaker's podcast control phrases, or you can also access the content through your favourite podcast app on your tablet or smart phone.