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Carers Week 2015: Our Stories

Once again, we're celebrating more than six million people who look after a frail, ill or disabled loved one unpaid, and often unnoticed.

Graham Norton and Jeremy Vine will be finding out about some of the incredibly hard work 6,000 people take on every day as they start caring for a close friend or family member.

You'll be able to hear their stories on this page, as well as listen back to some of the moving and inspirational interviews from our tribute to Carers Week in 2015.

'We might reflect that loving and caring for others is one of the finest aspects of what makes us human'

DJ Johnnie Walker: What Makes Us Human?

Radio 2's own Johnnie Walker locates humanity in the soul. A Carers Week special.

'When she’s doing what she’s doing every day at home, school is actually a break'

Carers Week: Being A Young Carer

Charlie is 11 and cares for her mum, whose back is broken, and little sister.

'I cared for my mum, but at every stage she was still caring for me'

Carers Week: Tommy Whitelaw

Inspirational Tommy Whitelaw on giving it all up to care for his mother with dementia.

'You enter into a world that's new to you, that's so difficult to negotiate. It's a maze'

Carers Week: Bob's Story

Bob has been looking after his wife Pauline for 28 years. She suffers from Parkinson's

'There should always be someone else out there who's able to care for the carer'

Carers Week: Ambeya's Story

Ambeya looks after her brothers and her mum who has serious mental health problems.

'The main thing you're holding back is the loss of future that you would hope your son to have'

Carers Week: Rick's Story

Rick cares for 5-year-old Isaac, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and two other sons.

'Sometimes we come up against the odd brick wall'

Carers Week: Lana's Story

Lana cares full-time for her friend Bob, who is deaf and has cerebral palsy.

'I'm really proud of being a carer because I've learned lots of things about disabled children and what to do'

Carers Week: Erin's Story

Erin is seven-years-old and helps her parents care for her twin brothers with autism.

'It doesn't stop us going out, it doesn't stop us leading a normal life'

Carers Week: Jayne's Story

Jayne cares for her husband Chris, who was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 52.

'At the time i just felt a relief that I was able to be at home all the time and keep an eye on what he was doing'

Carers Week: Caring for my bipolar husband

Valerie, 71, gave up a career she loved to care for her bipolar husband.

'I worry what happens to my son when we're not around'

Carers Week: Philippa's Story

Philippa juggles caring for her 50-year-old son Simon, with looking after her husband.

'It can be very frustrating when someone is not listening'

Carers Week: Zoe's Story

Zoe cared for her teenage son Adam, who had cerebral palsy. Sadly, Adam died in March.

Pause for Thought celebrates Carers Week 2015

Johnnie Walker talks to Chris Evans about caring for his wife and being patron of Carers UK