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New Voices

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to join BBC Radio Leicester and broadcast with our partners, Radio2Funky.

You’ll be the sort of person

Who is full of energy and personality and loves Leicester and Leicestershire with a first-hand knowledge and experience of Black communities here.

You’ll have an authentic voice of Leicester and Leicestershire and those communities.

The successful applicant will receive

A fixed term contract of 12 months (6 hours per week) and will build on their storytelling/journalist skills and present a show.

To apply

Come to open auditions on Saturday 11 May 2019 at the 2Funky Music Cafe, 23A New Park Street, Leicester LE3 5NH.

Get well prepared and arrive at the venue in good time. Doors open from 10:00 to register.

Final entry for registration will be 15:00. Last audition will be 16:30. Auditions will be on a first come-first served basis, so we cannot guarantee that you’ll be seen, depending on the number of people who want to audition.

You will need to give us your contact details and have your photo taken as part of your registration.

You can share that you’re coming to the auditions by adding yourself to our Facebook event, or tagging on other social media outlets. Please be aware, this does not register you for the audition – this has to be done in person on the day.

If you have a disability and require any additional support on the day of the audition let us know when you arrive.

Round One – Auditions

You will hidden from, but perform for, a panel of judges.

You’ll have up to 60 seconds to tell your story*. Without introducing yourself, we’d like to hear about your experiences of the Black community in Leicester. It has to be your own story. Each judge will score you before you are revealed to them. You then get the chance to give your name.

*See Guidance note for details

You will not be told on the day if you have got through.

Round Two – Longlisting

A long-list of the top performers by score of all who audition will be drawn-up by the BBC Radio Leicester management with a 2Funky Arts representative. This will be based on a side-by-side review of the top scoring entries. The team will review video and audio recorded in Round One to assist them.

Round Three – Your show

Those who are long-listed will be contacted by email within 10 working days of the auditions. Those who are not long-listed will not necessarily be contacted by the BBC. We are working with 2FunkyArts and they may feel differently about contacting those not long-listed, that will be their decision.

We will require the longlisted candidates to come up with a proposal for what kind of content they’d want to produce and present in their ideal show. This can be presented on paper, on video, audio – whichever presentation platform they wish, but no longer than 3 minutes of audio or two sides of A4 (min. size 11 font). This will be considered in terms of how creative the ideas are, how insightful for the audience and how translatable for Social Media and podcast. We will provide the deadline for this when we contact the long-list.

Nine people will be shortlisted to go onto the next round. All long-listed candidates will contacted by email.

Round Four – On Air demo

Nine people will be chosen, and each will be required to host a live 20 minutes slot on the show.

They will be given the time and support to create some of the content they pitched in Round Three.

After the on-air demo, a successful candidate will be chosen.

All the candidates will be contacted within 10 working days of the on-air demo.

The winner will become the full-time host of the Wednesday evening programme for the period detailed below.

Unsuccessful candidates may still have opportunities with Radio2Funky, that will be their decision.

Working for the BBC

If you are successful in being selected for this opportunity you will be employed by the BBC on a 12-month fixed-term contract.

You’ll be working a 6-hour week, 3 hours of which are on-air on Wednesdays, and you will be expected to manage the remaining time with support.

Appropriate training will be given and this will include core craft skills, health and safety and editorial guidelines and you’ll be supported by BBC producers.

Click here to find out more about working for the BBC.