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Disenchantment: What the reviewers think

Boyd Hilton, Entertainment Director of Heat Magazine and Scott Bryan, TV Editor of Buzzfeed UK, give their verdicts on Disenchantment, the new series from the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening.

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Scott says “I have never been more disappointed”

"I was reading an interview trying to work out why this show doesn't hit the right notes at the start - and Matt Groening said unlike a lot of other shows he's worked on, where it's jokes first then plot second, in this they built the plot first and then tried to put the jokes in between to give it the flow. But the jokes just don’t work.

"I barely laughed throughout the first five episodes, maybe a light titter. A few people were saying to me; 'get to episode eight that's when it starts to pick up.' I did and it hasn't for me.

"To me this entire sitcom feels like a draft, not just in terms of the jokes but in terms of the plot, the depth of the characters and in terms of their backstory. It feels that it was either done on the fly or it was done very quickly.

"It’s got a lot of the writers and a lot of the people who made both Futurama and The Simpsons behind it and developing it and it has been in the works for years.

"Matt Groening had this idea about a fantasy world when he was making series two or three of Futurama, which was done in the mid-noughties. You’re sort of thinking 'what happened?' I think that is the overwhelming sense I’ve got with this."

Scott Bryan is the TV Editor for Buzzfeed UK.

Boyd says "I love the fact that Netflix is investing in new stuff"

"There is an overarching story-line going through Disenchantment, which I like the idea of, in theory - and I think Netflix, certainly in terms of drama is rather great at doing serial drama.

"But this show feels like they’ve slightly shoehorned the story arc element of it and I just want to see a medieval Simpsons. I want to see a medieval family with some Game of Thrones-type, Monty Python-type jokes thrown in, which there are. I enjoyed some of the jokes, it made me wryly smile a few times, but I have to say I'm not going to sit down and watch ten episodes of it.

"I think things like The Simpsons and Family Guy and even King of the Hill, the most successful animated sitcoms, are the ones that have an almost incredibly simple format about families. It's the writing and the characterisation of those classic families that makes them so brilliant.

"This is trying to be something different, and I admire the ambition of it. It looks great but it's just not funny or compelling enough."

Boyd Hilton is the Entertainment Director for Heat Magazine.

Disenchantment is available now on Netflix UK.

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