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Get creative with Beethoven Remixed!

Download the samples of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and upload your creative mixes.

What music would you make if you had access to the same instruments as Beethoven? Well, to celebrate 250 years since the great man's birth, you can find out.

For the first time ever, Radio 3 and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales have recorded the first movement of Beethoven's iconic Fifth Symphony in separate sections so that you can download, edit, LOOP, PLAY and REMIX Ludwig's work yourself.

  • Want to loop the flutes over a beat made of cello stabs and timpani? You can.

  • Want to create the first ever bassoon-based dance record? You can.

  • Want to create a chill-out record featuring violas and french horns? You can.

Just DOWNLOAD the Beethoven tracks from this web page and start playing.

WATCH tutorials from UK hip hop producer Ocean, and Welsh electronic producer Rachel K Collier as they show you how to remix the Fifth using some of the most readily available remix software – and BE INSPIRED by remixes from some of the most exciting musicians in the UK as they see what they can do with the same elements as Beethoven.

Then, you can UPLOAD your mixes via the BBC uploader here. We'll listen to all the uploads and some will be chosen for broadcast on BBC radio networks.

Important: your mixes and personal information are secure. Please take care to READ the Privacy Notice and Extra Terms of Use pages before you start work!


You can upload your mixes via the BBC Uploader.

CLICK on the link here.


To mark 250 years since the birth of Beethoven, The FaNaTiX have remixed his Fifth Symphony.

This beat is asking for a top-line though – and 1Xtra and DJ Target would love to hear what bars you’ve got for Beethoven.

You can download the track here, and you can share your bars online using #BeethovenBars.