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Sammy Troot And The Lady With The Kind Face And Diamond Tiara

by Frankie Jeffries, aged 8

Sammy Troot (Scottish for trout) was swimming happily along the river Dee with his family (Mr & Mrs Troot, big brother Hamish and baby sister Morag). Life was great. The sweet smell of heather filled the air.

KABOOM! A great darkness descended as Sammy was hurled about and watched helplessly as his entire family were washed away downstream by an enormous wave.

Once the river had settled, Sammy realised two things, he was alive and alone. Sammy was overcome with fear and confusion. “What on earth was that”. Sammy began frantically swimming up and down calling for his family. After hours of searching he was quite exhausted.

Just then a school of salmon appeared, heading upstream to their spawning ground. Their leader, a cool dude wearing shades and a baseball cap, shouted “Yo bro what ya doin out here all on ya lonesome, we don’t usually see trout round here”. Sammy explained and the cool dude said “ I know were not ya family but ya welcome to chill with us. Just let me clear it with my crew”. The salmon went into a tight huddle and after much mumbling and whispering the leader turned to Sammy and said “what ya waiting for”. Sammy was grateful for the company. However, the salmon were all adults and much stronger swimmers than him. Poor little Sammy struggled to keep up. Not wishing to be a burden, Sammy slowly trailed off to the back of the school and hid in a dense patch of reeds until the salmon were out of sight.

Exhausted, Sammy dragged himself onto a rock. As he sat there, tail dangling in the water, the tears came. First a light trickle, then a heavy flow running down his cheeks and splashing in the water.

Sammy caught a glimpse of his reflection in the river and despaired as to what would become of him. “I wonder whether my family miss me as much as I miss them”. “ Are they looking for me?”

Sammy was so deep in thought he didn’t notice someone gently approaching him on the bank. “Good afternoon young man. You look so sad. Can I do anything to help?” Sammy became aware of another reflection in the water and turned to see a lady with a kind face dressed in a tweed skirt, wellies and a beautiful diamond tiara that glittered so brightly in the sun that Sammy was forced to shield his eyes. Sammy told the lady the whole story. “You really are most kind but I fear all is lost”.

Not necessarily said the lady. My ghillie was telling me only a moment ago how he had seen an unusual sight. Four trout frantically swimming about as though they were looking for something they had lost.

At that very moment who should appear behind Sammy but the ghillie, closely followed by the family Troot on their way to seek permission from the Queen to arrange a search party.


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