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Anim8: FAQs

1) I am a talented individual, but have no broadcast credits yet / We are a new studio/ company and have no broadcasts credits to date. Can we apply?
In order to apply for this pilot scheme, you need a minimum of 2 credits for broadcast, published or digital work. The BBC supports up and coming talent with a variety of opportunities throughout the year, but are looking for an individual, studio or company with a track record for this particular opportunity.

If you are an individual, you might find the linked pages helpful for your future endeavors. There is lots of useful information on there for developing your ideas and finding a production company to produce an animation for you (PACT): and

If you are or attached to an independent production company, please visit: for further details on the pitching process for the BBC

If you are a writer, take a look at our Writers Room opportunities too:

If you are interested in further opportunities or training to develop or test your skills, there are a variety of resources available for creatives of all levels of experience.

2) I / We have the minimum 2 credits but they are not in the childrenˋs or animation genre. Can I apply?
Yes, you can apply.

3) I have 2 broadcast credits but itˋs for the same project. Can I apply ?
Ideally, we are looking for two separate credits but will accept 2 credits on the same project (for example if you have written and storyboarded 2 episodes of the same series). However, as weˋre keen to assess your style and capabilities, we will look more favorably upon those with credits for more than one project.

4) I have 2 credits but theyˋre for projects outside the UK. Do they count?
Yes, they do count but please be aware that you have to be eligible to work in the UK to apply.

5) I am an individual applicant, not attached at a company at this stage. Will this count against me?
No, it will not. CBBC & BBC WW are keen to see projects from a broad range of talented individuals as well as studios and companies, and are fully aware that some creatives prefer to develop their initial concepts alone. However, if you are fortunate enough to move from stage 1 to 2 and beyond, then you will probably need to partner with other like-minded individuals or companies to help flesh out your idea. CBBC will offer advice on other individuals or companies that you could collaborate with in order to help take your project to the next stage. Creative support and input will be accessed on a case-by-case basis.

6) I / we do not have the finance to develop our projects to the same degree as larger companies. Will this count against us?
First and foremost, we are looking for great ideas and are aware that not everyone has the budget to continue developing their projects beyond a certain stage. We have therefore set aside a limited development budget. These small funds will be allocated after assessment by CBBC according to need, in order to help take projects from Stage 1 to Stage 2, and beyond. Please be aware that we will not assist with the initial development.

7) I / we have a great idea thatˋs already under consideration with another broadcaster. Can I apply?
No. We are looking for new projects.

8) I / we have already submitted our idea to CBBC and / or BBC WW. Should I re-submit it?
No. We are looking for new projects. Please do not re-submit projects you have already sent to the team at CBBC and / or BBC WW, or re-workings of previously submitted projects.

9) I / we have a great idea that will work brilliantly for a British audience. Should I submit it?
No. CBBC is working in partnership with BBC Worldwide on this scheme, so we are looking for a series that will work for a Global - as well as local - audience. If your project has the ability to travel, please submit it. If it doesnˋt, donˋt.

10) By submitting our project to you, do we transfer our rights to CBBC & BBC World Wide?
Details can be found on out Terms and Conditions page.

11) Who will be producing the pilot? Will CBBC be producing the pilot in-house or will the company / individuals that submitted the idea be the producers?
Our desire is to work closely with the companies or individuals as they make their way through the development process, advising & suggesting potential team members if we think the project will benefit.

CBBC will not be using BBC facilities to produce the pilot as we do not have the resources to do so. We will, however, be involved with all aspects editorially and will work with companies or individuals to realise the potential of their pitched project. If the company is not an animation company, then we will also be involved in sourcing a studio that is a good fit for the project.

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