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Seven strange things people have done with food

I ate potatoes for a year

The man who ate potatoes for a year

Meet Andrew Taylor, who ate potatoes - and not much else - for a whole year.

I'm a competitive eater with thousands of online fans

Competitive eating: Why my clips go viral

Why hundreds of thousands of people watch a woman eating online

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What will Pete eat when the shops are empty?

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I invented a way to eat corn on the cob in 14 seconds

How to eat a corn on the cob in 14 seconds

How one man invented a new technique for devouring corn

Trying out the world's 'most dangerous cheese'

What does the world's most dangerous cheese taste like?

Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian cheese containing live maggots

Feeding cows cake and chocolate

Chocolate: The whole bar in one mouthful

How some cows have expensive tastes in chocolate

Eating strange snacks to help lose weight

'I'm Hungry all the Time'

Randy Voss’ struggle with obesity started when he was 11.

And what happens when you become a seabug's lunch

The Australian teen attacked by flesh eating sea bugs

The alarming story of what happened when Sam Kanizay went into the sea at Melbourne