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Seven ways China is shaping up to become the world's number one superpower

China is the most populous country in the world with the largest military and second biggest economy. For years its position as an international power has grown. But now - in this BBC Minute series, with the help of the BBC's China Editor Carrie Gracie, we explore how President Xi Jinping is taking the country into a new era - as a global superpower.

President Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader in decades

BBC Minute: On China's new era - Xi Jinping

Part 1: Who is Xi Jinping - the man leading the ever-powerful China?

The old 'one man rule' is back - with no dissent tolerated

BBC Minute: On the most powerful man in the world?

Part 2: How Xi Jinping has tightened his grip on his party

The president's leadership style is inspired by Chairman Mao

BBC Minute: On Mao Zedong

Part 3: Does Chairman Mao still influence modern day China?

China's digital giant Tencent is worth more than Facebook

BBC Minute: On Tencent

How a Chinese firm has overtaken Facebook

China's foreign policy is becoming more confident and assertive

BBC Minute: On China's 'assertive' foreign policy

Part 5: China's plans for the rest of the world

China's vying to become the world's biggest economy

BBC Minute: On China's economy - trouble in paradise?

Part 6: Could trouble be looming for the world's second biggest economy?

An anti-corruption campaign has brought down many enemies

BBC Minute: On how popular is China's President?

Part 4: Some love Xi Jinping, others loathe him