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Top tips to unleash the metal vocalist that’s ‘already inside you’

19 June 2019

Towards the end of the Victorian era, Dundee was famous for three things: Jam, Jute and Journalism. Now, however, the city is aiming to become one of Britain’s musical hubs. In particular, the DIY metal scene is currently experiencing a spike in popularity.

TUNE met some of the main players in Dundee’s metal scene, including Sam — a singer and metal vocal coach who teaches people how to improve their screaming abilities.

“I first of all try to teach a technique called false chords, which is essentially a very powerful sigh to be able to produce that harsh, raspy sound at the back of your throat.

“When I sing on stage, it’s like an organised tantrum that I get release and relief from.”

Watch Ed Miliband learn to sing extreme metal

Ed is tutored by Barney Greenway of Napalm Death in the fine art of extreme metal vocals.

Ed Miliband asked Napalm Death singer Barney Greenway for some extreme metal coaching of his own. “From the diaphragm – like a traditional singer – then force it up through the throat.”

Although the former Labour leader gave it a good shot, Barney wasn’t massively impressed by any of Ed’s attempts:

“Nah, you need more throat; definitely more throat.”

Acapella metal vocals

Listen to Norwegian Black Metal vocalists doing what they do best. (From 2016)

‘African metal’

There are more far-flung places than Dundee where metal is popular. (From 2015)

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