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The Fourth Dimension

The End of Time Part Two

What's in a Name? (Part two)

This is the first two-part story not to have episodes with different titles since Revelation of the Daleks in 1985. That adventure was directed by Graeme Harper who also directed The Waters of Mars in 2009!

Two changes before the change...

Writer Russell T Davies had originally intended the Tenth Doctor's ultimate sacrifice to be for a complete stranger, and only swapped the 'unknown' character for Wilf when the story had started to take shape. The character of 'The Woman' was another late addition to the script although her presence becomes pivotal in the finale.

As it was in the beginning...

The story was directed by Euros Lyn who had just finished working on Torchwood: Children of Earth. Euros has directed several episodes of Doctor Who including the mini-episode which contained David Tennant's first big scene as the Doctor back in November, 2005.

Familiar faces

Comedy legend June Whitfield stars as Minnie Hooper, a member of the resolute Silver Cloak. June previously worked with Bernard Cribbins on Carry on Columbus, a comedy which also featured Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor), Maureen Lipman (The Wire in The Idiot's Lantern) and Richard Wilson (Doctor Constantine in The Empty Child).

Smith and Jones

We finally get to see who Martha has married and it's not Tom Milligan, the man she was initially engaged to! Martha has tied the knot with Rose's ex-boyfriend - Mickey! In her first story, Smith and Jones, Martha teamed up with one Smith (the Doctor, calling himself John Smith) and she's now teamed up with another! As her husband once noted, Smiths have got to stick together!

Ship of Doom

The Vinvocci's ship is unnamed onscreen but according to writer Russell T Davies it is called The Hesperus. This continues the theme established in Voyage of the Damned where an alien vessel is named after a famous but tragic ship from human history. In this case, The Hesperus is referenced in the poem, The Wreck of the Hesperus by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1808 - 1882).

Changing room

The TARDIS is an enormously popular place to regenerate. The First, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth and Tenth Doctors all regenerated within the ship whilst the Third Doctor regenerated just outside it. The Fourth Doctor's companion, Romana regenerated inside the TARDIS as did the Master in Utopia.


The final word of the adventure is the Eleventh Doctor yelling 'Geronimo' as the TARDIS zooms towards Earth. Geronimo (1829 - 1909) was a Native American whose exploits were given the Hollywood treatment in several movies including Geronimo's Last Raid (1912) and Apache (1954).

Private Aubrey Eberhardt is attributed as starting the tradition of shouting this name with exaggerated gusto when falling, plunging or jumping. The story goes that in 1940 a group of US paratroopers watched the film Geronimo (1939) in which the eponymous character leaps from a cliff into a river whilst fearlessly shouting his name. One of the paratroopers - Eberhardt - insisted he would mimic this cry when he made a parachute jump the following day. He did so and his call of 'Geronimo' was then copied by other soldiers, eventually catching on in civilian life and throughout popular culture in general.

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