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In pictures: Maya the toddler

Maya the jaguar is now a boisterous toddler and pushes the Clark family over the edge. Giles visits Costa Rica to find out what is happening to jaguars.

Giles is still worried about Maya’s mobility and eyesight, but there’s no doubt a naughty streak is starting to emerge.
Maya needs more and more stimulation and space, so Giles takes her outside for the first time.
Still worried about Maya’s mobility issues Giles takes her to a hydrotherapy centre for dogs to help strengthen her muscles. In the wild, Jaguars are expert swimmers and one of the only big cats that hunts aquatic prey like caiman and turtles.
After a bit of encouragement from Giles, Maya gets the hang of using her legs for paddling.
Kathryn, Giles’s fiancé is seeing a very different side to the Maya she first met.
Sam is not delighted when Maya goes to the toilet in her bedroom.
A mother will lick her cubs clean in the wild, but in Kent Maya gets a real shower.
Giles gives Maya her first opportunity to climb on a specially built frame outside.
Giles is relieved when Maya spots sunlight reflecting from his phone – clearly she can see!
Look at those teeth!
Meet Maya’s new best friend Duffy. Maya has not had the luxury of having siblings or other big cat friends to play with. In the past, Giles has used dogs as companions for his cats.
Maya’s first reveal to the public - she is not bothered in the slightest.
Maya eating Giles’s most prised possessions - his books.
Maya causing chaos in the wardrobe.
Giles is in a helicopter in Costa Rica to see how important jaguar habitats are affected through human development.
Giles witnesses the giant Reventazon dam which, when built, created an eight kilometre lake that dissected one of the most important wildlife corridors in Costa Rica. These corridors are fundamental for healthy genetic flow of many species in the Americas.
Giles gets to see camera trap footage of a black, or melanistic, jaguar in the wild in Costa Rica.