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The Poo Fairy - GOLD WINNER

by Evan Boxall

The Poo Fairy by Evan Boxall

Read by Lauren Cornelius from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

In a magical land lived lots of beautiful fairies. There was the Tooth Fairy, the Sugar Plum Fairy (the most popular because she gave everyone sweets) and plenty of other fairies with perfect hair, pink and sparkly dresses and all different kinds of fairy hats and tiaras. They wore lots of lipstick and blusher to make their cheeks red and rosy plus sparkly perfume that smelled like cherries. Every fairy carried a wand to match their outfit.

Except for Annabelle. Annabelle was the Poo Fairy. She didn't wear pretty dresses or have a tiara or a wand. Annabelle wore skinny jeans, an old tshirt and a blue reflective jacket like builders wear. Annabelle's blonde hair was tied in a bun and she hardly ever brushed it. She wore green welly boots, and always tucked her wings in. You wouldn't even know she was a fairy. Instead of a wand Annabelle carried a box of chalk, a load of carrier bags and a poop scoop.

Annabelle worked in Battenhall where there seemed to be more dog owners than normal who didn't pick up their pets mess. In the morning before school she drew chalk circles round dog poo so children wouldn't step in it or worse than that do poo slides! But also she knew dog poo can be very dangerous. At night when everyone was in bed she scooped up the mess and took it back to Fairyland turning it into fairy dust.

The other fairies thought Annabelle was ugly and weird. They didn't invite her to do fairy stuff like dancing round toadstools and eating fairy cakes.

One day, two younger and very mean fairies Georgia and Emily decided to play a trick on Annabelle. They crept to her house and locked her in while she slept.

When Annabelle's alarm clock went off, she got ready but when she tried to open the door she was stuck. "Help" she shouted "I have to go to work. Its really important!"

"No we are teaching you a lesson. You should be like other fairies. You're not getting out until you have a bath and make yourself pretty. Brush your hair and wear something nice!"

Annabelle didn't want to do this. So she waited. And waited. Two whole days went by and Georgia and Emily wouldn't give in.

Back in Battenhall, children were late for school because they had to clean their shoes, the streets were really smelly and poo sliding was happening all the time. Georgia and Emily felt guilty.

Next morning, there was a knock at Annabelle's door and when she opened it the other two fairies were there, dressed just like her. " We're sorry Annabelle", they said. "We realise how important your job is and we want to help get things back to normal". Together, they cleared up the mess, making all the children in Battenhall happy and safe again and even having fun. Now there are three Poo Fairies in fairyland. And they are best friends.

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