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What tune was David Cameron singing as he prepared to leave Downing Street?

When prime minister David Cameron was caught humming to himself after announcing his handover to Theresa May yesterday, the internet responded with a full-blown social media meltdown. Many people had a stab at transcribing the ditty, while UK composers John Denno and Thomas Hewitt Jones stayed up all night composing variations on the brief but haunting theme.

Radio 3's Breakfast show, meanwhile, was prepared to ask the questions that really matter.

Breakfast listeners took the challenge seriously, suggesting a variety of illustrious pedigrees for the ditty.

Wagner was a recurring theme.

From: James R
To: 3 Breakfast
Subject: david Cameron humming

Sounded like one of the themes from Tannhauser (don’t know which one).
Or it could have been an inaccurate rendition of the Great Escape.

Who knew the soon-to-be-former PM was such a classical buff?

David Cameron humming puzzle: Try Britten- Nocturne from serenade for tenor horn & strings?

Philip, London, via SMS

Aw, nice.

From: Ashley B
To: 3 Breakfast
Subject: David Cameron humming.

I was wondering if the tune DC was humming was in fact "Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, here I go cheerio"... the old Gracie Fields song?

Others weren’t convinced that Dave was singing a tune at all.

It isn't a tune. It's a kind of aural doodling that dissipates tension. He probably does it often.


A work colleague used to say: sometimes a banana is just a banana! Four random notes to cover his feelings perhaps?

Berwyn B, Stone Staffs, via SMS

Some people couldn't make up their minds.

And some of you were just plain sarcastic.

From: John K
To: 3 Breakfast
Subject: David Cameron

David Cameron is starting to sing the theme from 'The Great Escape', and then he's changing it to something else when he realises this won't play well on the media…

Steady on.

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