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The 1975 are back!

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The 1975 - Love Me

Love Me by The 1975 is Annie Mac's Hottest Record In The World.

We're not going to lie, there was a dark, dark time earlier this year that we thought The 1975 were going to disappear from our lives forever.

The band had been teasing the date 1st June as a big day and then on 31st May they tweeted this cartoon...

Twitter accounts for both the band and the individual musicians were then wiped, leaving fans (and us) confused as to where they had gone and fearing the worse!

While some fans were already sobbing to Medicine on repeat in a darkened room, others remained hopeful, and speculated that the day may be marking a reinvention for the band.

While others tried to think of a logical explanation for the social media blackout...

But, THANK GOODNESS, the blackout proved to a be a way to welcome a new era of The 1975. Their accounts were back after 24 hours along with a new look; the band reversed their first album cover swapping the black and white for light pink.

They also announced that they were 'currently in production' of their second record and released loads of new tour dates!

Matty took to Twitter to reinforce the band's new love of all things pink and the fans were happy once again, eager to hear where this new colourful direction would take the band.

While this was all very exciting what we really, really wanted to hear was some new music!

And then this happened...

We had the absolute honour of being the first people in the world to play the 1975's brand new track Love Me.

And it was worth the wait!