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Steve Brown's five top tips to help protect the planet

Working on Blue Planet UK has inspired me to change my behaviour by learning more about our oceans.

If you’re inspired to do the same, scroll down for some of Blue Planet UK and Countryfile presenter Steve's top tips…

Tip #1

Clean up behind yourself.

I enjoy a day at the beach with family as much as the next person but thinking about rubbish and waste is very important. On a day out use as little single-use plastic as possible, no plastic knives and forks or cling film.

Think about using airtight, re-sealable carriers, and whatever you do make sure you take any rubbish home with you and dispose of it properly.

Steve kayaking in Plymouth

Tip #2

Give wildlife its space.

Mother Nature is a delicate thing and needs to stay in balance. Of course enjoy the wonderful array of wildlife our coastline has to offer, on the land, in the sea and in the air but be respectful; it needs space and attention.

Use proper look-outs, viewpoints, hides, trails and paths so you know where the line is on how close to get.

Sea eagle and chick nesting in North Yorkshire

Tip #3

Don’t waste water.

It’s a real simple way of thinking that can save you money and the welfare of our oceans. If the tap doesn’t need to be running or the sink doesn’t need filling to the brim: turn the water off. It’s very easy to waste more water than you use in the home.

Fill the washing machine and dishwasher to a full load before turning them on.

Wet your toothbrush then turn the tap off again whilst you brush.

Shorter showers, shallower sinks and baths all add up for your wallet and the world.

It's a real simple way of thinking that can save you money and help the welfare of our oceans

Tip #4

Think about what you flush down the loo.

I had a quick and very dirty lesson working on Blue Planet UK where I was shown what happens when the wrong things are put down sinks and toilets.

Put fats and grease in the bin, not down the drain - believe me they don’t get far from the plug-hole before turning solid again!

Only flush the 3 Ps down the loo: pee, poo and paper.

Beyond that, just because it can flush, doesn’t mean it should. There is a big difference between flushable and biodegradable.

Wet wipes and sanitary towels - just a few things found in a Sidmouth sewer fatberg

Tip #5

The single most important thing I learnt from the unsung heroes I met working on Blue Planet UK is small changes can help make a huge difference.

If we all look after what’s on our own doorstep, take responsibility for our local environments and not expect others to change first, we can change our way of thinking. We also grow in pride, consideration and empathy for the environment we have.

If we all look after our own patch, the problem becomes manageable. After all, everywhere is local to someone isn’t it?

Steve and Gillian filming at St Abbs in Scotland

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