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BBC Tech Meetup - 16/09/20 - IoT adoption, Beeb, and switching careers to product

The Talks

Switching careers to product - Yas Desai

There are many ways into a product career. You may have a technical or commercial background and have managed to find your way into building awesome products! This talk will discuss some of the pathways into product and how you can demonstrate the skills required to land your perfect PM position!

After starting a small company at university, Yasmin decided to pursue a career in start-ups upon graduation. She has now worked 6+ years in start-ups. Initially, her background is in operations and she has since specialised in Product - giving her the perfect mix of commercial understanding mixed with solving core problems for users. Her experiences are in marketplaces, B2B and B2C having worked on onboarding and conversion funnels for both web and mobile and she currently works at Revolut as a Product Owner.

Decoding the IoT Adoption Curve - Connect, Monitor, Analyse and Improve - Rose Fina Barasa

A single connectivity skill has already served 90% of IoT applications, howbeit, the real magic is being realised when two or more complementary IoT technologies combine. This webinar will consider the 5 C’s of IoT, how the new breed of technologies is gearing towards LPWA (low-power wide area) solutions and use cases of the applications and software language applications that stand out.

Rose Fina Barasa, Project Coordinator and Emerging Technologies Enthusiast based at Strathmore University’s Research and Innovation Centre - @iLabAfrica, assesses innovative initiatives that explore emerging technologies. She is also responsible for the connection of the University to the Industry through the Industry relations Unit, where as a team of 3, they assess company applications, recommend new strategies and solutions for company’s industry standards engagements, university collaborations and technical community programs.

Bringing Beeb to Life - Hannes Ricklefs

Join Hannes (Lead Architect - Voice and AI) for some technical insights in bringing Beeb, the BBC’s voice assistant, to life.