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6 things we loved at Friday's 6 Music Festival

1. We bear witness to the sonic pioneer that is Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva

Highlights of Roots Manuva's set at 6 Music Festival 2016

2. Savages answer our prayers with this killer performance at Motion


Highlights of Savages's set at 6 Music Festival 2016

3. The Vibe is... eating chips, drinking ales and nodding our head to superb music #vibemapping with Tom Ravenscroft

4. Bow down to the Brooklyn elite, it's Yeasayer

5. The crowd were ravenous for Primal Scream; the ever oracular Bobby G. never disappoints

Primal Scream

Highlights of Primal Scream's set at 6 Music Festival 2016

6. But no festival would really be complete without the forced consumption of processed meat for an arbitrary competition that we just made up...

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Best of the Festival - Friday 12th February

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