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7 sporting podcasts that we think you’ll score highly…

With sporting events and fixtures firmly shut down for the season and professional players and pundits relegated to the bench, it can be hard to find that edge-of-your-seat excitement that live sport creates.

So here’s a selection of some of our favourite BBC Sport Podcasts to help provide some lockdown laughs and well-needed sports therapy.

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Former striker Peter Crouch, and co-hosts Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark effortlessly combine schoolboy humour, soccer and celebrity soundbites that produces genuinely laugh-out-loud moments and curious insights into workings of a retired professional footballer’s mind. This is a podcast not to be missed.

Stumps Wheels and Wobblies

The BBC’s podcast from former Paralympians Kate Grey, actor Ruth Madeley and 2016 competitor Hannah Dines. Together they are "Stumps, Wheels and Wobblies" and they’re here to give you the inside track on the world of sport and disability through authentic conversation and in a sisterly style.

Off the Ball

Scottish football gets a kicking from BBC Radio Scotland’s Off the Ball. Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan, keep you entertained with that familiar taste from the terraces. There’s no lockdown that’ll keep these lads down.

A Question of Sport

Mark Chapman presents A Question of Sport Podcast with team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell. As always they’re supported by celebrity friends from the world of sport. This Podcast is bound to score full marks.


BBC Radio 1’s Greg James joins English international cricketer Jimmy Anderson and Felix White from the indie rock band The Maccabees for an alternative look at the cricketing world full of homemade musical interludes. It’s simply not cricket... but actually it is, and much, much, more.

Blades Sweat and Tears

How do rowers keep fit under lockdown and how do you support the clubs and athletes through these challenging times? From the gym to the canteen, boathouse to training camps this podcast provides behind the scenes access with the GB Rowing Team as they strive for Olympic glory, one day.

The LGBT Sport Podcast

Here’s the LGBT podcast with Jack Murley. A dedicated podcast shining the spotlight on stories you might not have heard of from the sporting community. A great look at some brilliant individuals and the big stories from the world of LGBTQ+ sport and inclusive clubs.

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