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Why do you listen to The Archers?

We asked you why you started listening to The Archers. We had 1500 responses which gave us a beautiful snapshot of your lives and the important role that The Archers plays within them. Here are your reasons.

Plus scroll to the bottom for the storyline that was quoted most frequently as your gateway to Ambridge...

Because of mum

As a 5 year old child I would wait until my mum had listened to the Archers on the big old radio we had, I would then carry it into the kitchen and tune into Listen With Mother. Then in 1996 when she was in intensive care unit my brother would record the omnibus episode onto a cassette tape and I would play it on a little Walkman player, I’d put one ear plug into my mum’s ear and one in mine and we’d listen together, I never knew if she could hear or not. Over the next 4 weeks I got into the story lines, mum didn’t ever regain consciousness but I still listen avidly as it’s a way of feeling close to my Mum. [Carole Ashworth-Lord on Facebook]

Because I got dumped

Because I was born at Archers time

Because I WANTED to be born at Archers time (but mum wouldn’t let me)

Because I was hungover

Because my voice broke

Because of the night feeds

Because of Twitter

Because the telly broke

Because of my puppy

Because of the coat hanger aerial

Because of nan and grandad

Because of Arnold Peters (aka Jack Woolley)

"I used to drive Arnold Peters who played Jack Woolley to Pebble Mill to record it. He convinced me to listen, been hooked ever since." [Carl Baldry on Facebook]

Because of dad

Because of boarding school

At my Convent Boarding School in 1963! We were allowed to listen to the 'wireless' at 7pm on the Home Service especially for The Archers huddled round a lukewarm old fashioned radiator. I was 15 and have listened ever since. [Barbara Gale on Facebook]

Just... because

And the storyline most frequently quoted as your gateway to Ambridge is... the Helen and Rob storyline

Thank you ALL for listening and for sharing your stories. You can read more of them here, here and here