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9 must-see moments from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Waking up is a tricky business but starting your day with a hefty dose of Grimmy makes it a whole lot easier, amirite?!

Whether you're chowing down on some cereal, squeezing yourself onto a jammed train carriage or darting into the local cafe to bag your morning brew, you can count on Grimmy and his band of merry guests to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Oh and the music is pretty good, too...

But amidst all the hustle and bustle, all the stars and their songs, all the callers and their conundrums, it's easy to forget the many major happenings that have gone down in Grimmy's studio.

So, because sharing is caring and we're nothing if not generous, we've rounded up some of the funniest moments, featuring everyone from Harry Styles to Rebel Wilson. Laughs guaranteed. You are so welcome.

1. Grimmy hooks Harry Styles up to a Heart Rate Monitor

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We learnt a surprising amount about Harry Styles during the inaugural Heart Rate Monitor Challenge. Did you know, for example, that nothing sets Hazza's soul on fire as much as a pair of Chelsea boots? And did you know that Ryan Gosling is the apple of his eye? No? Well you're in for a treat, then.

2. Channing Tatum helps a caller propose to his girlfriend

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As far as proposals go, this one was pretty epic. Grimmy enlisted the help of none other than Hollywood heartthrob, Channing Tatum, to facilitate an on-air proposal and it's safe to say that he relished the task. Is there anything that this man can't do?!

3. Niall Horan pranks a Niall Horan impersonator

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Who better to vet the qualifications of a Niall Horan impersonator than the man himself? (Rhetorical question, obvz.) Part-time impersonator, Liam, never imagined that his morning would be spent unwittingly serenading IRL Niall down the phone but (spoiler alert) it happened and it was every bit as glorious as we hoped it would be.

4. Craig David delivers the smoothest weather forecast of them all

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Weather reports are helpful - that we can all agree on - but pretty, ahem, dry affairs. Enter: Craig David, bringing you nothing but blue skies and vocal highs with his 7 Days spin on the forecast.

5. Demi Lovato forgets her own lyrics

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Demi Lovato followed in the footsteps of James Arthur and P!nk when Grimmy tasked her with remembering lyrics to some of her oldest tracks. All things considered, we think she did pretty well.

6. Grimmy finds out what sends Rebel's pulse racing

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A naked Justin Bieber, a bearded Nicolas Cage and a Hugh Jackman cameo comprise to make this piece of Heart Rate Monitor Challenge excellence. We defy you not to laugh.

7. Lorde gives Green Light a delectable remix

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We've been singing this all day and we're not mad about it. (We are hungry, though...) Who knew Creme Egg would be such a good Green Light substitution?!

8. Grimmy introduces John Boyega to the Star Wars Christmas album

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Confused. Intrigued. Delighted. Disturbed. All words that could be attributed to John's reaction to this most unlikely of Christmas albums. Ultimately, though, he loved it.

9. Grimmy (unsuccessfully) spooks the stars of Stranger Things

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Stranger Things has well and truly spooked us all, so Grimmy finally turned the tables on the stars with some real life scary stories, courtesy of the listeners. Were they scared? Slightly. Were they amused? Affirmative.

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