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Time to set your creativity free

It seems spring has only just started and we're already talking about summer. That's British Summer Time to be precise. It's time to put the clocks forward and stretch out those days - so that's the theme of this week's creative challenge: time

British Summer Time starts on Sunday 29 March, 2015

You can't escape from it, time affects us every single day. Whether we're berrating the lack of it, willing it to hurry it up - or slow it down - or using it to measure the beat of our lives. On Sunday 29 March there will definitely be less of it. The clocks again spring forward for British Summer Time, making the mornings darker and the evenings longer.

As this week's creative challenge why don't you capture a snap shot of time. Take a look at 64 Million Artists' gauntlet, dictated by time: whether you have 20 minutes, an hour or half a day. Feed your results onto their website.

And if time is really short, in 60 seconds why not take a picture of a clock face: analogue or digital; on the wrist, the bedside table or the town hall. Let's make time stand still. Upload your pictures onto social media using #bbcgetcreative and we'll show the best and most interesting on the site.

Time waits for no one, so what are you waiting for?

20 minutes 1 hour 1/2 day
Take a picture or series of pictures on the theme of time. Don't think too much about it. It might be a very literal thing, lots of pictures of clocks, or it might be much more about what time means to you Take a picture every hour of the day that you're awake. Notice where you are on the hour, every hour, and document it Try and take your three hours separately today. Then take a camera and notice how the light changes in each hour of the day that you're taking pictures. Maybe photograph the same thing at different times. Notice the shapes and patterns and shadows

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