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Alphabot: Middle Age Jargon Buster

William the Conqueror began building the Tower of London in the 1080s, during what we now call the Middle Ages.

Imagine if you could travel back in time to meet the people that lived in that time. Do you think that they would understand if you started talking about selfies, vlogging or emojis?! Hmmm, probably not.

But people in the Middle Ages also used a lot of creative language that we now wouldn't understand! Let’s take a look at THEIR slang - can you guess what these four wacky words mean?

Baffled by bellytimber? Flummoxed by fopdoodle? Well Alphabot has the answers, and some more marvellous words from the Middle Ages...

Bellytimber: Food
Blob-tale: A tattle-tale or gossip
Dringle: To waste time in a lazy manner
Earthapple: A potato
Fopdoodle: A fool
Iswonk: Toil, to work
Kidcote: Prison
Mubblefubbles: Melancholy
Murfles: Freckles or pimples
Poplolly: A person whom you have a special fondness for
Reaks: Pranks or practical jokes
Rutterkin: A bully

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