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Kate Adie's Memorable Moments from FOOC

From Our Own Correspondent – a magic carpet to world events and weirdly wonderful places – with inquisitive, knowledgeable guides. Correspondents who witness invasions, the fall of governments, but who would also like to tell you what it’s like getting a tattoo – by mistake – in India, or buying a T-shirt to the sound of anti-aircraft fire in Libya...

It’s a place for the stories that don’t fit neatly into a news bulletin but are revealing all the same. Sometimes it’s the first impressions of a correspondent who’s just begun a new posting – in a place they’d never imagined they end up in.

But there’s also a depth of experience, when someone who’s spent years reporting a country has to pack their bags and move on – and has a wealth of memories – not only of interviewing the country’s president, but of desperately haggling for a decent jacket to wear for the occasion.

From Our Own Correspondent has never failed to delight and surprise me – there’s always something new to learn.

These are just some of the many memorable moments from more than 60 years of broadcasts.

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