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Celebrity Laps

It's time for a new reasonably priced car and an array of celebrities to take it out on the track.

Cameron Diaz, Stig and Tom Cruise

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Each week we invite a different famous person to our studio for a bit of a chat. But, before that, they have to complete a timed lap around our infamous test track and become a 'star in a reasonably priced car'.

For season 15 onwards we've retired the Chevrolet Lacetti and replaced it with the awesome Kia Cee'd which, believe it or not, is even more powerful.

Celebrity Time (mins)
Matt LeBlanc 1.42.1
Rowan Atkinson 1.42.2
John Bishop 1.42.8
Michael Fassbender  1.42.8 (Ice)
Ross Noble 1.43.5
James McAvoy 1.43.6
Ryan Reynolds 1.43.7
Matt Smith 1.43.7
Tom Cruise 1.44.2
Amy Macdonald 1.44.4
Nick Frost 1.44.5
Simon Pegg 1.44.9
Cameron Diaz 1.45.2
Alex James 1.45.2
Mick Fleetwood 1.45.4
Boris Becker 1.45.9 (w)
Louis Walsh 1.47.7
Danny Boyle 1.47.8 (w)
Al Murray 1.48.1
Bob Geldof 1.48.1
Jonathan Ross 1.49.0 (w)
Jeff Goldblum 1.49.0 1.49.4 (Wet, automatic)
Slash 1.49.8 (wet)
Peta, 23 from Essex 1.49.9
Nick Robinson 1.49.9
Amber Heard 1.50.3 (Automatic)
Bill Bailey 1.50.8 (w)
Amy Williams 1.50.9 (w)
Johnny Vaughan 1.53.3 (w)
Louie Spence  1.53.6 (w)
Alice Cooper 1.56.3 (Wet, automatic)
John Prescott 1.56.7 (Wet, automatic)
Damian Lewis 2.09.1 (Snow)

(w) = times for a wet course

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