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by Delilah Galloway


Read by Sanchia McCormack from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

There was a city that had no gardens, and there was a man who was sad. He had heard long ago about gardens filled with flowers and green green grass. He heard about roses brighter than rainbows. He heard about dahlias, lilies, tiny snowdrops and pretty little periwinkles. How he longed for a garden with grass that could curl between his toes, where he could lie and read in the warm spring sun.

One day, in an unfamiliar part of the city, something caught his eye, he thought it was an old sweetie wrapper at first but when he got closer he saw not a wrapper but a perfectly purple periwinkle. He looked down the path and saw a very old, very tiny, abandoned shed. He opened the dusty door and there he saw all kinds of garden tools he had only seen in books. Hoes, hoses, spades, shovels, old packets of flower seeds. But the most magnificent of all was an old battered lawn mower. It was brown with age with a hint of silver in places, blue tints on the handles and body. Once it had been a magnificent royal blue, with yellow stripes on the sides. The man was thrilled. He fiddled with the knobs and tinkered with the ignition and VROOM, it was magic! "Chuck chuck a voom" it said "Chuck chuck a voom". He pushed the lawn mower down the path to go home, but little did he know that grass was flowing out of the lawn mower...

He felt something soft under his feet, way softer then the usual concrete. He looked down and saw the lushest most softest grass he'd ever seen, he couldn't quite believe his eyes, but they were not deceiving him, for when he looked behind him he saw that the grass was trailing behind him, an emerald green carpet. His heart was in his mouth with excitement. The city had no plants, no bees and no butterflies. Now everything could change. The man felt something he'd never felt before, happiness true, true happiness.

When he was back on his street, all the people saw the amazing green carpet of grass coming from the lawn mower and they were astonished! The man smiling said
"My friends, we were living in a word of concrete and grey, but now all of that can change. We can all have lawns, we can all have flowers, the bees will return once more and hum in your gardens, the birds will sing their magical song, you can all be happy!"

From that day on the people were famous for their amazable gardens, they did not take them for granted. The city was filled colours, every shade of green you could imagine, and most importantly joy, the city was filled with joy.
Time passed and the man was growing old. One day he went slowly into his garden, lay on his grass and fell into a deep eternal sleep.

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