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Producer Simon Crosse answers the FT FAQs:

Is the scoring random?

No, the 'ting' gets a point, an arrow gets two and a hallelujah gets three. The 'be-uuuh' sound is a point off. It's highly scientific.

Do the panel know the questions in advance?

We would like to pretend the whole thing is ad-libbed but the truth is that panellists get notice of the topics before the show, but Defend the Indefensible is always secret.

Who has presented FT?

Johnny Vaughan for a year and a half, Christian O'Connell for about the same time and Colin Murray since February 2006. It’s been more difficult to get rid of him. There have been guest hosts, most frequently Gabby Logan and Nick Hancock, but also Alan Davies, Terry Wogan and Greg James.

Will there ever be an all FT presenters panel with Colin v Johnny v Christian?

Yes, probably one day. We've been talking about it for years. We just need to decide who will host it.

When did FT start?

October 2003 with Stan Collymore, Greg Brady, Bradley Walsh and Will Buckley on the panel and Johnny Vaughan hosting. Collymore won.

What is the theme tune for Fighting Talk?

It's a version of Sabotage by Beastie Boys which has evolved over the years.

How do you choose the panel?

We try and book two broadcasters/journalists, one comic and one sportsperson. But it's not strict rule. Rarely do we have two comics on together.

Which panellist would you like to get on, but haven't managed yet?

John McEnroe for me. Colin's dream guest is American broadcaster Tony Kornheiser.

Has FT ever been on TV?

Yes, there was a lengthy series of FT on BBC2 back in 2005 (3 episodes).

Do Dolphins Sleep?

Dolphins have a unique respiratory system which allows them to spend long periods of thirty minutes or more underwater. However, they need to be awake to breath, so can't fully sleep. They have a system of unihemispheric sleep, resting one half of the brain while the other remains awake.