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‘We were diagnosed with blood cancer when we were 17’

1 August 2019

Amy was just a teenager when she was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2017. It had been an arduous journey to that diagnosis.

I always had a feeling something wasn’t right

“At one point I was at the GP eight times in a week,” Amy revealed on The Social.

While receiving treatment in hospital she became friends with Rachel, who had also been diagnosed with cancer, aged just 17.

Rachel’s illness had put her under terrible mental strain. “You know something’s not right but you don’t know what it is,” she said. “You don’t want to admit to yourself that it's anything deadly serious.”

Amy agreed: “Ten percent of my mind was, ‘It’s fine', and the other 90 percent was like, ‘You have cancer and you’re going to die if you don’t get this sorted out’. That’s how I felt all the time”.

Rachel and Amy’s stories

Diagnosed With Cancer Aged 17

Yep, we’re dropping the C word.

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