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Cast and Characters

James Delaney

Played by Tom Hardy

Adventurer, sailor and enigma. James Kezia Delaney returned unexpectedly from Africa after 10 years presumed dead. Shrouded in mystery and preceded by wild rumours.


Played by David Hayman

James Delaney's trusted manservant, and his father’s before him. Keeper of family secrets.

Zilpha Geary

Played by Oona Chaplin

Zilpha is Horace Delaney's child by his second marriage and James Delaney's younger half-sister. Married to Thorne Geary. A devout Christian.

Lorna Bow

Played by Jessie Buckley

Much beloved actress, often found treading the boards at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. A talented free thinker, who plays by nobody’s rules but her own.

Old Horace Delaney

Recently deceased father of James and Zilpha Delaney. He was an adventurer, merchant and shipping mogul.

Lieutenant Thorne Geary

Played by Jefferson Hall

Former soldier, current insurance broker. Financially bereft. Staunch Christian. Married to James' sister Zilpha.

Robert Thoyt

Played by Nicholas Woodeson

The Delaney family Lawyer, who has strong ties to the East India Company, which is most certainly a conflict of interests.

Sir Stuart Strange

Played by Jonathan Pryce

Long-standing Head of the Honourable East India Company across the entire face of the Earth. An extremely powerful man, who is used to getting what he wants, both in London and abroad.

Solomon Coop

Played by Jason Watkins

The Private Secretary to his Majesty King George, he is known as the whip and cane of the King. He has a network of spies who keep him very well informed, but working for The Prince Regent, has filled him with frustration and contempt.


Played by Stephen Graham

Former professional sailor and current professional criminal and miscreant. A well-known and feared local face and unofficial leader of a gang of dock workers operating out of the Dolphin Inn.

Helga von Hinten

Played by Franka Potente

A madam of German descent, she operates a brothel down by the docks, and is happy to use bribery, intimidation and violence in order to protect her girls and her business.

Michael 'Godders' Godfrey

Played by Edward Hogg

Honourable East India Company clerk for the last twelve years. Godders has witnessed all words exchanged at formal Company meetings, recording everything but those words spoken under a raised hand.

The Prince Regent

Played by Mark Gatiss

Wildly unpopular due to his obsessive self‐interest, parties and debauchery. The Prince Regent has been made acting Head of State after his father King George III was deemed unfit to rule.

Dr George Cholmondeley

Played by Tom Hollander

A chemist and somewhat maverick scientist, with a taste for excess. Opportunist, social deviant and socialite party regular.

George Chichester

Played by Lucian Msamati

A member of The Sons of Africa. Working selflessly and tirelessly alongside abolitionist groups, in the pursuit of justice.

Dr Edgar Dumbarton

Played by Michael Kelly

An American Physician working at St Bartholomew's Hospital London: a precarious position to be in now that the two countries are at war.

Benjamin Wilton

Played by Leo Bill

An eager young executive with a reputation as a wit, working in the records office of The East India Company.

Edmund Pettifer

Played by Richard Dixon

In charge of The East India Company’s Africa Desk and entrusted by Sir Stuart Strange to handle the more unpalatable tasks that need taking care of.

Countess Musgrove

Played by Marina Hands

A French socialite, who uses her beauty to beguile influential men to improve her position in society. Well known for her wild parties.

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