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Free the Word: Geg in

28 September 2017

City of Geg ins by Chris McCabe

BBC Radio Merseyside

Geg in by Chris McCabe

To interrupt; to butt in. From listeners to BBC Radio Merseyside. families picnic on the steps that face the docks, scents of deep-fried waffles, cookies, chips, drift along the fountains towards the Dockmaster’s House.

def | to butt in.

A rich seam of distinctive local vocabulary can be found in Merseyside, from words such as antwacky (old-fashioned) and jarg (fake), to the expressions soft lad and away for slates (an Irish phrase meaning ‘on the way to success’). Geg in is a relatively recent addition to the region’s vocabulary. A person is said to be gegging in when they try to involve themselves in a conversation or activity without having been invited. Someone trying too eagerly to join in where they are unwelcome might be told to Stop gegging in!

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