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9 songs you probably didn't know Ed Sheeran had written for other people

Rumour has it that Ed Sheeran has been called upon to co-write for Liam Payne's solo debut. The singer-songwriter has had phenomenal success thanks to his ability to pen a tune (the only artist to have sold more records than him in the past 10 years is Adele) so it's hardly surprising that the former One Direction star has recruited Ed to help him out.

But it wouldn't be the first time Mr Sheeran has scored a hit for another pop artist. Oh yes. Not only has he hit the charts with his own hits, he has been busy writing huge hit singles for other artists during his relatively short career so far.

Here are eight big songs that you may or may know have known came from the pen of one Edward Christopher Sheeran...

Little Things - One Direction

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Little Things was the second song Ed wrote for One Direction (Moments, from 2011 was also one of Ed's) but this was his first hit written for someone else.

Little Things went to No.1 across the world in 2012 and paved the way for Ed's career as a songwriter - as well as a pop megastar.

Lay It All On Me - Rudimental

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Hands up: Ed's vocals are pretty prevalent on this track... but you'd be forgiven for forgetting that the singer features at all thanks to Rudimental's ability to overpower your senses with a musical masterpiece. As well as providing the vocals, Ed penned the lyrics and featured in the video.

When Christmas Comes Around - Matt Terry

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Writing a good Christmas song isn't easy, unless you're Ed Sheeran of course.

Matt Terry's debut single is the first X Factor winner's song since Shayne Ward's That's My Goal in 2005 and is one of the favourites to take the Christmas No.1 in 2016.

We'd take more Christmas songs from Ed, whoever's singing them.

Rixton - Hotel Ceiling

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Rixton have been a little quiet for a year or so, but during 2014 and 2015 they dropped a handful of pop gems on us, including this dramatic song, written by Ed.

The video is worth a watch, BTW, as it stars actress Alice Eve and has a shock ending you almost certainly won't see coming.

Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware

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Jessie Ware is one of the UK's coolest female stars and Mr Sheeran penned this single to help her on the way to the top.

Say You Love Me is her biggest hit single to date and while Ed's input is clear to see, this is pure Jessie.

Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

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OK, so you possibly did know this was a Sheeran tune. He is, after all, a guest vocalist on the track.

This has all the hallmarks of classic Ed songwriting. Infectious hook? Check. Fiendishly clever lyrics? Double check. Simple, stripped back production? You see where we're going here.

Cold Water - Major Lazer

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Thought Ed had taken some time off in 2016? Think again. He helped write one of the biggest songs of the year. No big deal etc.

Ed hit the studio with Diplo, M0, Justin Bieber and team of talented writers to pen this smash.

Dark Times - The Weeknd

According to The Weeknd (real name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), co-writing a track with Ed meant that Dark Times was one of the quickest tracks he's penned. Speaking to a crowd in Toronto, the singer said of Ed: "I’ve written with a lot of people in my life, but he is the fastest and most talented songwriter I’ve ever worked with, ever.” High praise, indeed. If you haven't familiarised yourself with their track, now's the time to do so.

Robbie annoyed most of Russia with his single, Party Like A Russian, but his 11th studio album, The Heavy Entertainment Show has been praised by the critics.

Among the bonkers pop anthems, swing touches and cabaret-esque thumpers is Ed's tune Pretty Woman, which has touches of hits such as Sing and Don't.