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Frequently asked questions

What does the L.A.B. do?

BBC Scotland’s L.A.B shares digital media skills with schools. We post ‘how to’ videos on a range of subjects from shooting on your mobile phone to getting the best sound when filming. We also visit a limited number of schools in Scotland every year to work with pupils in person. The digital skills we share are video production, audio podcasting, scriptwriting, stop motion animation and many others. The L.A.B encourages schools by sharing work on Twitter and Instagram.

How can I work with the L.A.B.?

The L.A.B wants to see what digital creations you are making and we’ll share the interesting ones with other schools. Follow us on Instagram at bbcscotlab and twitter @BBCScotLearn. Tag us in your tweets so we can see what projects you are working on.

Each week we will be letting you know what we are up to in the L.A.B. We’ll have some suggestions how you can become involved too.

We visit a limited number of schools in Scotland during the year and run workshops. These are usually on subjects or themes, which we suggest, but the creative ideas will be up to you. If you would like to work with us get in touch. The L.A.B email is

Please note: The L.A.B is a small team contacting us doesn’t guarantee we will be able to work with your school.

Can we work on our own project with the L.A.B.?

Of course ... in fact it's a great idea. If you have already done the research it leaves more time for producing things. However we cannot make promotional films for groups. We suggest you use the time with the L.A.B to build your skills to go on to make your own content. As a starting point let us know what you are planning to do.

Do we have to fill in any forms before working with the L.A.B?

You will have to have parental permission for children to take part in the workshop. Release forms will have to be signed by each member of the group; for under 18's a parent/carer will have to sign on the child’s behalf. If there is a problem with anyone having their photo taken or being filmed please let us know before the workshop. The BBC release form will be emailed to you when you sign up for the session.

As a condition of the L.A.B workshops, on application you will be asked to grant permission for BBC Scotland to feature the completed material primarily on the BBC L.A.B website. The material will also be used on BBC social media platforms. We only put up a selection of the best of the content made.

If the L.A.B, as part of a workshop, is recording outside the school a risk assessment form will be filled in by the L.A.B’s Project leader. A copy can be sent to the school if requested.

What happens to the material we make with the L.A.B?

We will send a copy of what you make to the school (a form will be sent to you stating the terms and conditions for which this material can be used). We may also put your work on our L.A.B online site to share with others. Your work may also be tweeted out or put on the L.A.B Instagram account (ages S2 and above only).

In some workshops the material made will be broadcast. If this is the case we will let you know before we come to the school. Release forms would have this information on them so parents/ guardians know in advance.

Is there anything else we should know?

We want to work with groups who want to progress their knowledge of digital media.

We need to work with leaders/ teachers who are prepared to get involved and learn with and develop the group. If we are working in a school we need a member of staff to be present at the workshop at all times.

The L.A.B works with mostly with P5- S3 groups.

The L.A.B team is small …but great! If we are working with a primary class we will try to work with a single class. InSecondary schools the numbers we work with tend to be smaller (about 10-12). The numbers will be agreed before we come to the school.

There is no charge for working with the L.A.B.

We do not offer tours of BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay building. For more information on tours visit BBC tours.

The L.A.B will come to your school to do the workshop. We will speak to you in advance about the space we will need to run a workshop. This is often a classroom and another quieter space for recording. We will have kit so require parking near the school.

The L.A.B team will provide the equipment needed to run the workshop.

All BBC release forms will be collected by the teacher (signed) before the workshop and given to the L.A.B team on arrival.

The 3 main members of the L.A.B team are PVG checked. Two team members work with each group of children during the workshop.

If you have anyone in your group with individual needs of any kind can you let us know in advance. It means we can design the workshop to suit everyone.