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9 family-friendly podcasts to enjoy this Bank Holiday Weekend

What’s better than being trapped in a car with all your loved ones on a long journey? An emergency root canal perhaps? Being accidentally locked in a dungeon overnight? Or a severe bout of holiday tummy? Unless unless unless… what if you had something good to listen to? Something everyone would enjoy, and might even want to chat about afterwards? That dream can come true. Look no further:

Once Upon a Time in Zombieville

Everything is NOT fine in the mine ....

Buckstop tries to reassure the crowd, as a strange, slowly shuffling creature emerges.

Something strange is going on in the local mine. Billionaire tycoon Voom Buckstop claims all is well … but then he would, wouldn’t he? Can Jamie and Sam save the town from imminent zombification? An award-winning sci-fi drama with funny bits, for 9-12 year olds (but you’ll enjoy it too). Lots of action, and a great soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place in Stranger Things …

Available as a podcast, or you can stream or download episodes directly onto your device.

Cbeebies Radio

You can join presenters Ferne and Rory as they meet baby rats

Stories, music and imagination-zinging adventures for pre-school children, with their favourite Cbeebies characters and guests.

Fun Kids

A dedicated DAB radio station for children, with energy turned up to the max, and a huge collection of podcasts for download including Fun Kids Science Weekly, Fun Kids Book Club and Fun Kids Horrible Histories.

Wow in the World

From National Public Radio in the US – Guy Raz (of Ted Radio Hour) channels his inner child, alongside Mindy Thomas, to present an upbeat science-based children’s podcast with an exceedingly catchy theme tune… Available to stream or download directly or as podcast.

Annie Mac’s Mini Mix

AlunaGeorge Mini Mix

British duo AlunaGeorge are back & they've taken charge of this week's Mini Mix!

For when you want to impress your older offspring that you are, yes, still bang-on in your musical tastes. A weekly download from Radio 1 featuring topline international DJs and artists, distilled into a 5 minute mix.

Story Pirates

Stories by children, brought to life by adult actors, comedians and musicians who totally get the kids’ off the wall ideas … and run with them. For example: The World Wide Race of the Worst Cars, and How to Make a Basketball Plant.

Macdeath – from Shakespeare Retold

Interview with writer Pamela Butchart

Pamela Butchart talks about retelling Shakespeare's Macbeth. Photo Credit: To Bonnick

There are gems to be found in School Radio’s Shakespeare Retold collection. Anyone for ‘A Midsummer Camp’s Dream’? The Taming of the Kat Dog’? Or ‘King Lear – a Tragedy in Five Acts’ by Mr Gum author Andy Stanton?

Start with this one – a 10 minute, non-gory, version of Macbeth… all the key moments, and whole lot more humour than you’d expect, cleverly distracting from the darkness of the story. Also great for any teens needing a quick-fix reminder of the plot for schoolwork… Written by children’s author Pamela Butchart, and read by Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter’s Moaning Myrtle).

(Note, it's not quite a podcast, as you’ll have to stream them off the webpage – but they’re worth it!)

500 Words Bedtime Stories

500 Words is the writing project for everyone

Dick and Dom present some of the winning stories from Radio 2’s children’s writing competition, 500 Words. Themed collections on topics such as Amazing Animals, Journeys, and Conflict. (Hmmm – why did these themes seem appropriate for a Bank Holiday journey …?) Available as a podcast, or stream or download from the BBC.

Bedtime FM

More stories for 4-10 year olds. One story per episode, ranging from 10-20 minutes in length. Subscribe to the podcast and you’ll get a new one delivered fortnightly – or just have a rummage in the existing collection of 50+ original stories.