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Radio 2's funniest moments of 2018 so far

We take a look at the funniest moments that have made us laugh on Radio 2 so far this year...

1. A slang lesson from Charlie Sloth

Radio 1 & 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth gives Chris and Vassos a lesson in new slang...

Charlie explains some popular slang to help the breakfast Show team sound cooler.

Radio 1 & 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth was on hand to give The Chris Evans Breakfast Show team some invaluable advice about using youth slang such as "litty" and "on fleek" in the right way. Turns out you're never too old to learn what "bae" means.

Charlie had some top tips about the words he believes are going to be big in 2018. If something is going well, we can apparently say we've got it, "on smash." You heard it here first!

2. Tim Vine tries to tell 10 jokes in 30 seconds

Can Tim Vine tell 10 jokes in 30 seconds?

Steve Wright has a challenge for the king of the one-liners...

Tim Vine, king of the one-liners, never fails to raise a chuckle. But he really tickled our ribs when he took on an on-air challenge, attempting to tell 10 jokes in just 30 seconds.

Wheeling out classics such as, "Black Beauty, he's a dark horse," Tim sadly only made it to seven. But he made us laugh with his attempt, which is all that matters.

3. The Muppets Take The Breakfast Show

What happened when Chris met Kermit & Miss Piggy? The full interview!

The Kermit & Miss Piggy tell Chris about their live show: The Muppets Take The O2.

Chris Evans has had some amazing guests on the Breakfast Show so far this year, from Bryan Cranston to Mark Hamill. But none, perhaps, have been quite so raucous and funny as the legendary Kermit and Miss Piggy.

The browbeaten frog and diva pig came on air to talk about forthcoming extravaganza The Muppets Take The O2, and gave Chris the giggles as they discussed their working methods. "If it started with the letters 're' we didn't do it," said Miss Piggy. "Research, rehearsal..."

We'd definitely be keen to hear more Muppet magic in the mornings.

4. Steve Cram's confession

Steve Cram has a Confession!

Will you forgive sports legend Steve Cram for his running indiscretion?

The Confessions segment on Simon Mayo Drivetime, in which listeners call in and confess to their misdemeanours, is very often one of the funniest things on Radio 2. But it's not that often that a famous figure decides to get involved.

Legendary middle distance runner Steve Cram, however, decided to fess up on Simon's show. He admitted that recently, when he ended up running with a fan through London, he pretended he needed to turn off because he couldn't keep up with the pace.

See, these things happen to us all! Whoever this mystery runner is, he must be a pretty speedy guy...

5. Playground talents take centre stage

Hear the man who can do the William Tell Overture on his teeth!

Chris asks the Radio 2 listeners to replicate the trimphone and Thirdman theme.

From Ricky Gervais to Sharon Horgan, Radio 2 frequently plays host to the finest comedy talent around. Nevertheless, sometimes you just want to hear a bit of childish, ridiculous humour, right?

Chris Evans asked various children of the 1970s to recreate their childhood party tricks live on air. While we enjoyed hearing the sounds of a 1970s trimphone replicated exactly by the medium of whistling, we were blown away when 44-year-old cognitive neuroscientist Stefan played the William Tell overture with his teeth. You will never have heard anything quite like it.

"I don't care what anyone says," said Chris, "this is radio gold."

6. David Bowie chasing Suggs's socks

Madness frontman Suggs came in for a brilliant chat with Gary Davies, who was standing in for Steve Wright. The British ska hero had a funny story about David Bowie, which left us wishing we could have been a fly on the wall.

When Bowie invited Suggs to his "James Bond" style lair in the swish Swiss resort Gstaad, Suggs had an unfortunate suitcase mishap as he was driving into his garage. "I was met with the unedifying sight of the coolest man on the planet crawling around chasing my socks around his forecourt," Suggs said. "That is the sort of thing that happens to me. Everytime I think I’m just on the top table, someone pulls the chair out from under me and I end up flat on my back!"

7. Lee Mack keeps it real

Lee Mack: "I played Britain's smallest theatre once... and didn't sell out!"

Comedian and actor Lee pops in to chat to Steve about series 9 of Not Going Out.

Actor, writer and comedian Lee Mack, star of Not Going Out, gave us a LOT of laughs during his chat with Steve Wright. He revealed, among much else, that he likes to hide his lines around on set.

Lee is at the top of the comedy game now, but it hasn't always been that way.

"I played Britain's smallest theatre once and we didn't sell out," he revealed. "42 seats and 14 empty seats, in a shed on the Isle of Mull." It turns out that 14 people from one booking got lost and couldn't find the place. At least Lee can laugh about it now!

8. Rylan Clark-Neal proves he's the ultimate Spice Boy

Led by host Sara Cox, panel show What If? pondered how different the world would be if certain, specific events in time hadn't actually occurred.

One big talking point: the rise of The Spice Girls. What if debut single Wannabee hadn't been a smash hit? Well, celeb guest Rylan Clark-Neal wasn't having any of it, passionately defending how the ultimate girl group had changed his life, and so many others'.

9. Sir David Attenborough’s regrettable night on the tiles

David Attenborough calls Jeremy Vine: Agony Uncle

Can Jeremy help David get out of a rather sticky situation?

Impressionist Lewis MacLeod starred on Funny Fortnight show Jeremy Vine: Agony Uncle, hosting a spoof show where Jeremy would also give off-air advice for panic-stricken celebrities, solving problems big and small.

In one instance, Sir David Attenborough found himself in a spot of trouble. The legendary wildlife presenter and ethical campaigner had a confession: “I think I might have been papped last night using a plastic straw.” Not a good look, Sir David. Listen above, and you’ll find out it was all Bill Oddie’s fault.