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The 6 Most Extreme Athletes You'll Ever Meet!

These inspiring stories will challenge what you think is possible to achieve…

Riding the Length of Africa

Cycling: From Cairo to Cape Town

We hear from a team of cyclists as they try to ride the length of Africa in record time.

The Ironman


It's a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and a 42.2 km run. Exactly who would do an Ironman?

Swimming the Atlantic

Atlantic Ambition

Meet the man who's swimming from Senegal to Brazil.

"More people have been on the moon"
Ben Hooper

Ben Hooper is an amateur swimmer hoping to raise money for charity and arrive in Brazil in time for the Olympic Games in 2016

One Man and his Mountain

The King of the Mountains

Travel inside the mind of world champion endurance athlete Kilian Jornet.

Running 370 Marathons in a Year

The Marathon Man

The man taking a break from the 5000 km "Race Across the USA" to run the London Marathon

Marathon Man on Twitter

Cycling the Himalayas

Jacob Zurl: Extreme Cyclist

How listening to one song for 40 hours helped break the pain of cycling the Himalayas

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