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Ten Pieces Live Lessons

BBC Live Lessons are 30-60 minute lessons designed to be watched as a whole class. Find lessons in full, clips, downloadable activity sheets and other teaching resources below.

Nutcracker Live Lesson

In partnership with the Royal Ballet School and Royal Opera House, this Live Lesson for 7-11 year olds is full of dance, movement and characterisation. Pupils will learn to create their own original dance moves inspired by Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, which features on the Ten Pieces III repertoire. Join CBBC's Naomi Wilkinson and Karim Zeroual plus special guests from the Royal Ballet School. To find out more about teaching dance and ballet in the classroom, visit the Royal Opera House Learning Platform.

This lesson is for KS2 in England and Wales, Primary 4 to Primary 7 in Scotland, Years 4-7 in Northern Ireland.

Party Live Lesson

Geared towards students with little or no musical experience, this Live Lesson aims to provide them with simple tools and skills to try out musical composition for themselves. Composer and pianist Julian Joseph provides expert knowledge alongside CBBC presenters Karim Zeroual and Lauren Layfield.

This Live Lesson was originally designed for primary school students.

Ten Pieces Party Live Lesson - Full lesson

Learn about rhythm, melody and dynamics with jazz pianist and composer Julian Joseph.

Secondary Live Lesson

Presented by CBBC's Naomi Wilkinson and Blur's Alex James, this Live Lesson aims to inspire young people to develop creative responses to classical music through art, composition and poetry. Students are given expert advice on how to respond artistically to music, and develop an understanding of how music can impact on our emotions.

This Live Lesson was originally designed for secondary school students.

Watch the Ten Pieces Secondary Live Lesson

Learn all about responding creatively to classical music with the Ten Pieces Live Lesson.

Nicola Benedetti's Live Lesson

Watch clips from Nicola Benedetti's Live Lesson, in which she explores sound production, intonation, tempo and imagination. Nicola was accompanied by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, along with Barney Harwood and young musicians from primary schools in Scotland.

This Live Lesson was originally designed for primary school students.