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by Evie Mckeon

My Saviour

Read by Robert Blythe from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

Hope- one word four letters. That is all I needed.

The velvet coat which I have been told is a beautiful raven black, guides me. I feel it's wet button nose against my hand. It seems only yesterday everything went. It was so hard to acknowledge my flaw and survive alone in the darkness, yet I wasn't alone.

I long to see lush lime strands of grass, delicately splattered with dew drops again, the lulling sea glistening in the golden sun once more and most of all watch my bubbly baby brother grow older. I can only hear his shrill screams not see the smiles and his azure blue eyes sparkle. His cheeks are so soft yet his fingers are so wrinkly. He squeezes my thumbs and seizes my hand in attempt for me to stay by him, I had no choice, force couldn't stop my future.

My glasses mask the truth- they hide everything. The doctors said nothing could be done, that it was gone forever. Mum put my name on the list as soon as possible but number 367 was all she came back with. 367 more people with a condition like mine. 367 more people to help before me.

I waited a year growing more desperate by the day but last month I was informed of a match and that Rampa would come soon.

His warm breath heated my frozen fingers, his rough slimy tongue licked my scratches and cuts and I knew then that I would love him forever. On my first walk I stumbled a bit but I soon found my feet and Rampa's strong supportive body helped me steady myself. I was petrified when he was going to help me cross my first busy road: my heart was in his paws and I had dragons in my tummy- not butterflies.

Rampa got on well with my family too. Although he was some what intrigued by my wriggly brother Matthew crawling around on all fours just like him. They both went missing once. My Mum and I were beside ourselves with fear as she had searched everywhere but eventually found them both hiding asleep under a pile of coats. "Look" she whispered, however, I couldn't.

He is such a good sport even putting up with monkey Matthew pulling at his ears and sticking his fingers in his mouth- not once has he ever snapped.

Everyone loves Rampa and he and Matthew are so alike. Mum tells me that Rampa sleeps in the weirdest positions: paws, tail, ears and head spread out in every direction and apparently Matthew is the same!

My fur coat guides me now. He is my physical compass, my book of knowledge and most of all my companion - I trust him. Life isn't perfect now but it never was, could never be. I can now accept that I am blind. Some of my closest friends are too and I'm lucky to still be alive.

Thank you Rampa for saving me.

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