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BBC Tech Meetup - 21/01/20 - Accessibility and #NoFramework

The Talks

Scroll up! Scroll up! Adventures in Accessible Storytelling - Becky Rush (@Rushlet_) from BBC News Visual Journalism

Becky told us all about how some of their ambitious projects were tackled, as well as the ways the team made them as inclusive as possible - from translating them into multiple languages to considering the physical impact of animations, screen reader and no javascript experiences.

Accessibility on the iPlayer website - Andy Smith (@AndyMSUK) & Emily Atkins (@Em_Atkins) from BBC iPlayer

Andy & Emily work on the BBC iPlayer website product team, working daily on improving the iPlayer website and adding new features. They are both “accessibility champions” at BBC, passionate about making the iPlayer website accessible to everyone, regardless of their access requirements. They talked through their team’s approach to accessibility - the team culture, when to think about accessibility, designing for accessibility, development processes, automated testing and, of course, why accessibility is important!

Don’t build that app! - Luke Jackson (@lukejacksonn)

Luke gave us a deep dive into building web apps without a build step. No Babel, no Webpack, no worries!

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