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Five women who broke the glass ceiling

In a series of special podcasts marking the centenary of women in the UK gaining the vote, Lyse Doucet interviews five remarkable women who have made a real impact on democracy in their home countries. Their achievements have changed lives in Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Afghanistan, Liberia and across the world.

1. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - elected Africa's first female president

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on becoming Africa's first elected female president

The former president of Liberia tells Lyse Doucet about cracking the glass ceiling.

2. Madeha Al Ajroush - paved the way for women to drive in Saudi Arabia

How social media sparked a female revolt in Saudi Arabia

Saudi women's rights activist Madeha Al Ajroush talks about 2011 protests.

3. Shukria Barakzai - campaigns for women's rights in Afghanistan

Shukria Barakzai: I was beaten in the street by the Taliban

Politician Shukria Barakzai on life under the Taliban and how it felt when they fell.

4. Monica McWilliams - formed the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition

Monica McWilliams on waving goodbye to dinosaurs

How a catchy slogan helped get women's voices to the table in the NI peace talks.

5. Vigdis Finnbogadottir - world's first democratically elected female president

Vigdis Finnbogadottir: "If she can, I can"

The world's first elected female president on how it felt to win that first election