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Five weird celebrity obsessions discovered by Joe Lycett

From riding roller coasters, to collecting stamps, everyone has their own little obsession.

Comedian Joe Lycett is back with a brand new show where he explores the nation's weird and wonderful obsessions. Each week he probes his famous and not so famous guests to find out what their secret passions are.

Here are a few of the weirdest compulsions that we’ve collected, hoarded and then refused to throw away…

1) Katherine, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians

Comedian Katherine Ryan has developed a deep affection for the Kardashian family. As well as sharing the first letter of her name with the sisters from the reality TV show, she reveals that she even once offered Khloe Kardashian some unrequested dating advice.

Katherine Ryan offers Kourtney Kardashian some unwanted dating advice

Katherine Ryan remembers the time she offered Kourtney Kardashians some dating advice.

2) Gruesome medical instruments

Before embarking on a career in comedy Adam Kay cut his metaphorical teeth (and a few actual body parts) as a junior doctor. Since then he’s collected a terrifying array of antique medical instruments including the rather gruesome sounding tonsil guillotine.

Former doctor Adam Kay reveals a gruesome obsession linked to his past.

Former doctor Adam Kay couldn't find a cure for this obsession.

3) Hula hooping (and Grace Jones)

Presenter June Sarpong became obsessed with hula-hooping after witnessing singer (and cultural icon) Grace Jones perform a whole show in honour of the Queen’s birthday with a hoop around her waist. Since then June has hula-hooped every day and even claims that the hip-swinging has helped her through a particularly bad hangover.

How Grace Jones led to me being obsessed with the hula hoop

TV presenter June Sarpong reveals how Grace Jones inspired her hula hooping obsession.

4) Nuclear bunkers

Most people’s pick for a relaxing 40th birthday retreat would be a luxury hotel or a nice quaint bed and breakfast but that’s not the case for stand-up comedian Angela Barnes. Her love of cold-war era concrete bunkers saw her ring in her fourth decade in a converted former shelter underground.

Angela Barnes and the romantic trip to a nuclear bunker

Angela Barnes tells Joe Lycett how her love for bunkers led to an unusual birthday trip.

5) Fire engines

Some people would be embarrassed to still be obsessed with fire engines as an adult but comedian Lloyd Griffith isn’t that person. He confesses that he still finds himself trying to grab a selfie with a fire truck whenever he sees one.

The comedian who chases fire engines for selfies

Comedian Lloyd Griffith admits to having taken hundreds of selfies with fire engines.

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