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To coincide with the television broadcast, the BBC will be publishing a free interactive ebook comparing diary accounts of the pioneering expedition along the Canyon by Major John Wesley Powell in 1869 with video footage of Dan Snow and his team's recreation of the voyage along the treacherous Colorado River. The interactive ebook will be published via the iBookstore and will be available from Sunday 5th January onwards through a link on this website.

An interactive multi media digital book designed to be viewed on tablets - in this instance on iPad. It can also be viewed on computers with Mac OS X Mavericks.

If you are an Apple user you can download the free interactive ebook with your iTunes account login information. It can be done directly on your device or via the iTunes desktop application (version 11.1.3 or later is required).

This free interactive ebook is only available in the UK.

This interactive ebook can be viewed on an iPad running iOS version 7.0 or later and iBooks App version 3.2 or later. If syncing via iTunes desktop application version 11.1.3 or later is required. It can also be viewed on computers with Mac OS Mavericks.


The content is not currently available elsewhere but the BBC is exploring alternative ebook publishing platforms.

The purpose of the trial is to explore a different platform for delivering additional content to our audiences. The Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow interactive ebook is available only on iPad tablets and computers with Mac OS X Mavericks because the software tool used can only publish to these devices. If you’d like to offer feedback, please contact

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