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30 Animals That Made Us Smarter: Find out more

Slug and surgical glue

Dragonfly and sky spy

Kingfisher and soil erosion

Bees and delivery routes

Jellyfish and underwater robot

Electric eels and medical implants

Barn owl and drone

Manta ray and pollution solution

Cicada and safe surfaces

Cats and road safety

Rose butterfly and solar panels

Sponge and skyscraper

Cow and sewage treatment

Mantis shrimp and aircraft

Hedgehog and helmet

Camels and cool medicines

Squid and self-healing materials

Elephant and bionic limbs

Butterfly and paint colours

Butterflies and butterfly house

Dolphin and tsunami detection

Fish schools and windfarm

Bombardier beetle and fuel injection

Bat and unassisted flight

Spider and window glass

Whale flippers and wind turbine

Gecko and adhesives

Spider and rescue robot

Shark and hospital surfaces

Albatross and drone

Stenocara beetle and water collector

Otter and wetsuit

Desert spider and Mars Robot

Cod and anti-freeze

Termites and ventilation

Mussels and plywood

Firefly and the lightbulb

Woodpecker and black box

Octopus and camouflage

Kingfisher and the bullet train