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Helen's Trial: Guilty or Not Guilty - what do listeners predict?

Helen Titchener stands trial, pleading 'not guilty' to two charges - attempted murder and wounding with intent.

Since court first sat, we have listened intently as the witnesses have stepped forward and the jury has heard the evidence.

Throughout the trial, tears have been shed, protest tuna bakes cooked, solidari-teas drunk and radios smashed. But how do Archers listeners predict the verdict will go?

Twitter's verdict

We turn first to our Twitter jury who have been voting on the trial's outcome every evening based on that day's evidence. Although percentages have fluctuated, Twitter has remained resolute - fluctuating between 73% and 80% that the jury will find Helen 'not guilty'.

Listeners on Twitter react to episodes on Trial Week and predict the outcome of the trial

What were Twitter's highs and lows?

When Rob gave his evidence, listeners were not swayed by his crocodile tears - nor did they believe the jury would be. However along came Henry, giving his version of events. Confidence seemed to dip at this point, however, Kirsty's outburst in court bolstered spirits and a strong majority still insisted that Helen would get off.

Hopes for a 'not guilty' verdict leapt when Helen finally revealed, with great courage, that Rob had raped her "over and over again". 80% of those who voted believed that Helen's heartbreaking admission could not fail to sway the jury but confidence dipped again after cross-examination by the prosecution.

Over on The Archers website

On The Archers website, listeners were voting on the ultimate outcome of the trial - would Helen be found guilty of attempted murder, guilty of wounding with intent or not guilty on both parts? This vote is still ongoing but at the time of writing this is how it looks...

71% so far are predicting that Helen will be found 'not guilty', 26% that she will be found guilty of wounding with intent and 3% that she will go down for attempted murder.

While listeners have aired their opinions through the trial, the jurors have remained stonily silent (except for the tweeting juror). How will Helen's case appear to them, without being privy to three years of Archers episodes? We await their verdict…

You can still cast your vote on the website and on Twitter.