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Can you make your own life fix?

The Big Life Fix, which you can watch on Wednesday evenings on BBC Two (or catch up on iPlayer) follows a group of designers, engineers, programmers and technology experts as they face the challenge of coming up with innovative inventions that will transform people’s lives.

From a man who is almost completely paralysed and wants to communicate with his family, to an 11-year-old boy born without hands and feet who is desperate to ride a bike, the series offers extraordinary insight into the lives of those whose dreams seem to be beyond grasp and who need the help of experts.

In order to solve these and other challenges, the Big Life Fix team worked with presenter Simon Reeve to come up with new inventions using smart but creative cutting-edge technology, and we think you’ll find it fascinating to watch the process, see the results and meet the people involved, including our fixers: Ryan White, Jude Pullen, Ruby Steel, Ross Atkin, Zoe Laughlin, Yusuf Mohammed, Haiyan Zhang.

Meet Graham

Graham thought he’d lost his voice, but this fix could help him tell his wife ‘I love you'

The products you will see on the screen are designed to meet the specific needs of the people involved, and aren’t ready for production or widespread use. So the Make it Digital team has worked with the designers to provide access to the raw materials of two of the inventions – the source code, design files and build notes that were used to print, shape and operate the fabulous devices featured in the show.

These are now available for you to download and work with on github – this is an online service used by many developers to share their work, and the BBC has many open source projects there already.

Please note: the materials are intended for experienced makers and designers – you can’t just download the files, press a button and have your own camera mount or wiggling ears, we’re afraid. But if you’re a designer or developer who would like to take the work done in the programme and extend it, or use elements in your own projects, we hope you’ll find it of interest.

And if you do make something new, or make improvements, we’d love to hear from you and would be keen to feature your work here on Make it Digital, so others can be inspired by it.

We’re here to unleash everyone’s digital creativity, and we know that the maker community is one where people lead by example, share openly with each other, and work together to support projects that can make a difference to people’s lives. Releasing some of our makers’ work under open licences is a small but significant step.

What’s Available

So far we’ve released the design files for two of Jude’s inventions, the Zocus Camera Rig and the Inky Ear Tag, as well as the code that Zoe wrote to make her helmet ears wiggle!

We’ll make more available as we can, so keep an eye on github or follow @BBCMIDigital on Twitter.