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10 desserts your favourite pop stars would totally serve on Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off has made bakers of all of us, for better or worse. If you've not spun sugar or cut out 200 fondant roses, you've probably a least tried a simple sponge in your time.

Pop stars like a cake or two as well. With Bake Off heading back to our screens this week, here's what your favourite chart stars would serve up if they ever made found themselves in Mary Berry's tent...

Olly Murs' creamy biscuits

Olly wins points for this simple but effective dish. Just don't let things get soggy.

Ellie Goulding's healthy option

The key to Bake Off success is not to eat half your bake before taking it to the top table. Ellie has clearly had a munch and that spinach garnish may be a little OTT.

Louis Tomlinson's pancake flop

It looks like someone didn't use the proving drawer. A little decoration wouldn't go amiss either.

Taylor Swift's uneven bake

A for effort but those are not 12 identical bakes as requested by Mary.

Harry Styles' doubtful dish

This black and white bake has a whiff of 'shop bought'. Eliminated!

Shawn Mendes' candle-lit cake

Shawn learned everything he knows about cakes from his gran.

Katy Perry's intergalactic icing

Katy's impressive icing wins her the technical challenge. What a perfect Rise.

Bastille's distracting decorations

Sure, it looks good from a distance but those pyros are only there to disguise a very mediocre bake.

DNCE's cake for DNCE

For a band who spent so long singing about Cake By The Ocean, we'd have expected more.

Michael Clifford's shop-bought shocker

Perhaps due to a technical issue, 5 Seconds Of Summer's Michael has served up this dreadful excuse for a dessert. Back to Oz with you, MC.

The Great British Bake Off is back on screens on 24 August on BBC 1.