The Biggest Weekend Ten Pieces Assemblies

Ten Pieces Assemblies to take place as part of the The Biggest Weekend - Friday 25 May 2018

Be a part of the BBC’s biggest ever celebration of music. The Biggest Weekend will take place on the 25 – 28 May, bringing the biggest artists in the world to all parts of the UK with live shows in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Be a part of this UK-wide celebration by putting on your own Ten Pieces Biggest Weekend Assembly. Either hold your assembly on Friday 25 May or on a day earlier that week that works for your school.

A Ten Pieces Biggest Weekend Assembly can be anything you want it to be! Here are a few ideas:

Use your Ten Pieces Assembly to share your students creative responses to one (or more) of the pieces. We want young people to really get creative with classical music and develop imaginative responses to the repertoire. They can experiment with original compositions and various art forms, including dance, poetry, animation and anything else that may inspire them!

The creative responses are a great way to encourage cross-curricular activity whilst maintaining engagement with classical music. Creative responses can be hugely varied, the more original the better - take a look at our Creative Response Showcase or last year's Assemblies Showcase for inspiration from previous contributions. You can also explore our masterclasses for handy tips on how to get started.

You can film your responses and send them in on our uploader which is open now.

Assemble your school orchestra, choir or any other ensemble/class groups together to perform one (or more) of the Ten Pieces at your assembly. There are downloadable instrumental arrangements for each piece available on our website.

If performances or creative responses won’t be possible, you can always use your Ten Pieces The Biggest Weekend assembly to show the Ten Pieces films to get your students inspired. The films feature celebrity talent introducing engaging orchestral performances of each piece. They’re a great way for your students to be introduced to a range of classical music and get their creative juices flowing.

All of the films are available to view on the Ten Pieces website.

We are challenging you to create your own version of No Place Like inspired by your hometown, school or anywhere else that feels like home. The song takes inspiration from words submitted by children from across the UK.

Find out how you can teach the piece to your class.

In the run up to your Ten Pieces Assembly and on the day, make sure that you film and record your students work to upload to the Ten Pieces Website where your submissions will feature in a The Biggest Weekend Showcase.

If you are on twitter let us know what you are doing using the hashtag #BBCTenPieces

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