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360° Virtual Voice

It’s the moment you’ve (virtually) all been waiting for, it’s time to explore the glitz and glam of The Voice UK like never before with our unique, 360° Virtual Voice.

For the first time ever, we’ve teamed up with our pals at BBC Taster to bring you a series of exclusive, totally immersive, 360° virtual reality videos that give you never-seen-before access to our four superstar coaches, behind-the-scenes and VIP experiences.

Click the videos below to peek around every angle, look up, look down and all around as you boogie on stage with our Coaches, snoop around their photo shoot, test your nerves with our virtual Audition, jam with our band, then practice your arpeggios in our VIP vocal warm-up.

If you're viewing this page from your mobile or tablet, you'll need to head to the YouTube app for the full 360° experience!

360° Virtual Voice Videos

So, was that cool or what?! Now pop on over to BBC Taster to tell us what you thought, then prepare yourself for even more Virtual Voice experiences!

Handy Tips: All clips can be also viewed via all desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox or Opera work nicely!) on YouTube, or on any smartphone on the YouTube app, within Google Cardboard and Android headgear devices, on our BBC Voice Facebook page, and via YouTube within our Voice HomeCoach App.

Watching it on a VR Headset:

To get the most awesome Virtual Voice experience, you’ll need to make or buy or borrow (but please, don’t steal!) your own virtual reality viewing headset. Here are some examples of suppliers:

Once you've got your hands on a headset, all you need to do is open the link via your smartphone and get involved! (And don't worry if you can't get a headset, remember you can still open the link to the video on your smartphone or computer, then spin and swipe your way around our various 360 Virtual Voice, VIP fan experiences!)