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It's a Dog's Fate!

by Ajay Newgrosh, aged 8

It's a Dog's Fate! by Ajay Newgrosh

Read by Neet Mohan from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

The queue was laborious and frustrating, but at least it gave me the opportunity to decide…cat ...butterfly…bear…?

“I’d like to be a dog please!”

The face paints tickled my skin.

An odd sensation stated to travel through my entire body!

Was I experiencing an allergic reaction?!

Should I tell the lady to stop?!!!

Wait!! What was that tantalizing smell? The aroma wafted towards me and made me salivate. I needed to find out where it came from. Oh my goodness, hundreds of hot dogs rotating on a barbeque! What a smell sensation!! My taste buds did a jig and my body surged forward. With a giant leap, the bounty was mine. 10 fat sausages in under 60 seconds, definitely a personal best! The crowds were obviously impressed too. All around me people were shouting in my direction. I had obviously made quite an impression.

I’m definitely sated now so I guess I’ll take a quick nap. Hey what was that sailing over my head? Does someone want to play fetch? OK! I’m in! Another stupendous leap and I’ve caught the ball. I’m off and blimey the crowds are on me again. I can’t believe how popular I am! People calling for the ball are starting to chase me. Catch me if you can!!

Oh what’s this? A toddler WOW! Come here so I can lick you! Steady as you go! Good you’re here now lick, jump, lick, jump, LICK! Is that better? Your mum seems to think so, she’s shouting her encouragement! What’s that you’re offering me? A present? For me?! CAKE! Thank You! This is the most delectable cake ever and here was me thinking that I was full after the sausages!
This has been quite a day. Who knew that school fetes could be so much fun?! The crowds seem to be going home now, I think they can smell the rain in the air. The smell of a rain storm fills my nostrils. The scent is really strong, I suspect the storm is going to happen really soon and it’s going to be colossal! Here it comes… Is that ice falling from the sky? Ouch, a bit just stung my ear! There’s something flashing in the sky and the noise is deafening. To be honest, this could be the most scary experience of my life! Here comes the rain, pelting down on me, I need to find shelter soon…

An odd sensation filled me once again. I find myself standing in the middle of the school yard, face paint dripping down my face. Alone in the middle of a thunder storm, soaked through to the BONE!
Realisation hits me! Did I just become a dog?!!!!!

Next year, I’m definitely going to come back and ask to be painted as a Roman Emperor! Imagine that, I could rule the world!

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